State law requires us to embalm or refrigerate human remains.

Embalming- The embalming process involves washing the body and hair, closing the mouth and eyes, disinfecting and preservation through the embalming process. Reasons you may want embalming are for public viewing, shipping of remains by common carrier, or your desire for the deceased to be dressed and cared for prior to burial or cremation. The cost of embalming is $395.00

Refrigeration- Unless requested, the body is placed into refrigeration in the condition we receive it in. No aftercare is provided. The cost of refrigeration from the time we receive remains to obtaining a permit for disposition is $260.00

Please consider

If you think someone may want to view, please notify us as soon as possible so we can do a few simple things to enhance the appearance.

-Elevate the head.

-Close eyes.

-Close mouth and prevent lips from drying.

Viewing of unembalmed remains is only for immediate family members

And limited to one 30 period during regular business hours.

The cost of dressing unembalmed remains is $70.00

The cost of viewing unembalmed remains is $50.00